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The Hummingfish Foundation

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Net Neutrality – Save it!

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Go to: http://www.savetheinternet.com/


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Web Design – Running Windows on a Mac

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As part of the web design process we need test the site in the most common web browsers, these include versions Internet Explorer as well as Firefox for Windows.

At SW1 I use Macs for design and development of web sites and I have XP and Vista on a couple of PC’s I built for testing but I now find I do not really use these since getting VMware Fusion, which allows me to install any number of versions of Widows I require (3.1-V7) on the Mac.

The advantages of ‘Fusion’ are that I have all my Windows installations available on my MacBook Pro & iMac which I can quickly access without rebooting into boot camp, and different installations offer me Internet Explorer up to Version 8 to test in if required. VMware Fusion is not the only option, some Mac users prefer Parallels. Either way I believe I can junk the ‘beige’ boxes soon.