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Web Design – Running Windows on a Mac

As part of the web design process we need test the site in the most common web browsers, these include versions Internet Explorer as well as Firefox for Windows.

At SW1 I use Macs for design and development of web sites and I have XP and Vista on a couple of PC’s I built for testing but I now find I do not really use these since getting VMware Fusion, which allows me to install any number of versions of Widows I require (3.1-V7) on the Mac.

The advantages of ‘Fusion’ are that I have all my Windows installations available on my MacBook Pro & iMac which I can quickly access without rebooting into boot camp, and different installations offer me Internet Explorer up to Version 8 to test in if required. VMware Fusion is not the only option, some Mac users prefer Parallels. Either way I believe I can junk the ‘beige’ boxes soon.