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This is WordPress

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A while ago I decided that my site would run on a content management system. After much thought I narrowed the options to either WordPress or Expression Engine , mainly due to both of them having powerful options while being easy to use. As web designer ‘ease of use’ is a requirement that I like to offer my clients.

While both systems have their strengths and weaknesses I decided to go for WordPress.

Why WordPress? The main reason is that WordPress is Free! Expression Engine is impressive though and with its powerful features, I believe it may have been quicker to build my site using it. I will though still recommend Expression Engine to some clients where I believe it would be more appropriate and cost effective. (I will not go into the pros and cons here as these have been discussed many times by others). Try a web search on ‘Expression Engine v WordPress’.

While building this site to my particular requirements I found myself trying to add some Expression Engine functionality. Therefore once I have completed building this site I plan to port it to Expression Engine in my spare time using my local server (to get around the need for a commercial Licence) I will then write a post on my conclusions in trying to decide was the time I spent in coding WP worth the price of an EE licence?


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